Art lovers

Art Processors was born of a desire to connect with art in a deeper way: giving people the ability to absorb meanings and messages, to further interrogate artworks, and to enhance the emotional response, all without detracting or distracting from the pieces. That why our primary technical focus is always on consistency and reliability of performance, so that our work never takes away from someone else’s aesthetic experience.

Photo of MONA visitor with ‘Formations of Silence: Freudian Flowers’, 2009 by Juz Kitson

Our team

We are a multidisciplinary team who all have a few key things in common: a passion for understanding the relationship between humans, art, and technology—and a desire to leverage that for a deeper connection. Meet the humans behind the magic.

Meet The Team

Creative technologists

What we do is equal parts technical and creative. The ideas are nothing without the technology, and vice versa. Our understanding of your institution’s infrastructure is equal to our ability to deliver compelling, creative content that keeps your guests enraptured.

Students of human nature

Our development process has been refined over years of researching, studying, and testing people’s response to the experiences we implement. Our passion for perfecting these experiences ensures that no detail, no pitfall, no quirk of human behavior goes unconsidered.

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Experiential engineers

Hyper-specific location-aware technology. High-quality, low-latency, audio streaming. Precision spatial design. Proprietary application software. These are just a few of the components that go into us designing the most engaging experience possible.