Art Processors recognised as a family inclusive workplace

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Art Processors is proud to announce its certification as a family inclusive workplace as part of an Australian-first initiative to raise the national standard of support offered by employers to working families.

Family Friendly Workplaces, developed by UNICEF Australia and Parents At Work, gives organisations the tools, frameworks and support they need to become more inclusive and supportive of employees as they strive to balance competing work and family needs.

With 58% of our workforce tasked with caring responsibilities, Art Processors recognises the social and economic value that comes with being family inclusive and the flow-on benefits for the company and the broader community, says Chief People Officer Vanessa Doake.

"Creating an inclusive and welcoming workplace that reflects the diverse communities we partner with is one of our core values. We are committed to creating a supportive work environment that is respectful of our team’s life needs," says Doake.

"To produce our unique, progressive work, we need to hire the best talent from around the globe, regardless of location, gender, age, or family situation. Our commitment to creating a workplace that flexes with a person’s changing stages of life empowers everyone on our team to be the best version of themselves at home and at work."

Doake says she is particularly proud of Art Processors’ inclusive parental leave policy, which has empowered parents in the organisation to make decisions about their careers that best support their families. "This has allowed us to better support and retain working parents, and in particular women," says Doake.

CEO Mark Nihill says that by becoming a family inclusive accredited workplace, Art Processors is making it clear it welcomes and celebrates families in all their forms. 

"Our workplace mirrors the broad experience of individuals in the world, and we develop and support relationships that recognise the unique roles each of us embraces in our personal and professional lives. We strive to enable each member of our team to shine by adapting to, celebrating, and prioritising the natural rhythm of each individual’s lived experience," says Nihill.

He adds: "Family has a broad meaning. For some this relates to child raising and caring, for others its sibling relationships, and there are also intergenerational and caring relationships. For many, that mix changes over time."

The support Art Processors provides employees reflects the diversity of families and the caring responsibilities of the workforce across different life stages. Employees can opt into a range of flexible working arrangements, including working from home, the company's Melbourne office, or choose the flexibility of both. Many types of leave are available, including annual, personal, life, and compassionate leave, and leave for anyone experiencing domestic and family violence.

For new parents, Art Processors provides paid parental leave that is inclusive of all genders, adoption, surrogacy, and foster care. Additionally, AP provides emergency childcare, breast milk shipping, paid back-up carer’s leave, support for school holiday programs, meal and domestic support, and health coaching. 

Employees are encouraged to access Circle In, a platform that provides tools, resources and advice to help working families.

Art Processors has also partnered with Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider The Mind Room, whose clinicians specialise in supporting life transitions, such as conception, pregnancy, parenthood, perinatal and postnatal health and parenting issue, traumatic events such as pregnancy and infant loss, as well as supporting LGBTQIA+ families and same-sex attracted people exploring parenthood.

Acknowledgement of Country

In the spirit of reconciliation, we acknowledge the many Traditional Custodians of Country throughout Australia and honour Elders past, present and emerging. We respect their deep, enduring connection to their lands, waterways and surrounding clan groups since time immemorial. We cherish the richness of First Nations Peoples’ artistic and cultural expressions.