Simon Denny about Art Processors

2d Augmented Reality Marker at Mona

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“It’s informed me of what’s possible in the future in this space.”

New Zealand artist Simon Denny talks about working with Art Processors on his first augmented reality piece, including the unique opportunity to collaborate on exhibition design, creative conceptualisation, and technology integration.

Mine opened to the public in June 2019 and is the Museum of Old and New Art’s most technologically ambitious exhibition yet. It blends visitor interactions, data, augmented reality, and The O.

It’s the first time The O is part of an artwork and not just the supporting act, bringing together artist, curator and tech company. It’s an example of how technology, when used innovatively and collaboratively, not only enhances the visitor’s experience of an exhibition but can support an artist’s vision.

“…The sculptures and the experiences in every room are enriched with this augmented reality layer. Not only is it an experiential thing, but it also addressed what it means to be working with a device in your hand… and what the hardware that augmented reality necessitates means for a viewer’s relationship to the museum and your experience of being in a museum.”

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