Three Art Processors finalists in 2022 Women Leading Tech awards

Art Processors employees working in the company's Melbourne headquarters.

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We’re thrilled to share that three women at Art Processors — our Chief Financial Officer Amie Scruton, Visual Designer Cassandra Cox, and Lead Android Developer Rachael Jayne — are finalists in this year’s Women Leading Tech Awards.

The annual Awards recognise the extraordinary female talent in Australia’s tech industry and aim to support gender parity and representation while also shining a light on the current inequalities. Australian women currently make up only 29% of employment in tech.

This year marks the first time three people on our team have been recognised across a broad range of categories. Winners will be announced at an awards dinner in Sydney tomorrow.

Last year, our Chief People Officer Vanessa Doake was a finalist in the Executive Leader category and Art Processors was shortlisted for an advocacy award for its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Amie Scruton, Chief Financial Officer

Art Processors CFO Amie Scruton speaks to Senior Business Analyst Edan Hanbury.

Amie (right) pictured with Senior Business Analyst Edan Hanbury.

Amie is a finalist in the Awards’ prestigious Executive Leader category, which recognises outstanding c-suite leadership. Specifically: exceptional leadership, a strong vision of the future, cohesion with company culture, outstanding management skills, as well as growth and innovation within the organisation over the past 12 months. Amie ticks all these boxes.

Although functionally positioned as our Chief Financial Officer, Amie doesn’t conform to the typical stereotype of a dry, numbers person. For one thing, she doesn’t put nearly as much value on making money as she does on ensuring the people she works with are supported because, as she puts it, ”financial stewardship extends further than just numbers.”

When the pandemic hit, she adapted our business roadmap to shift from the exciting pre-pandemic promise of global growth to a strategic focus on honing our organisation's pool of capabilities and investing in our people. Amie’s fearless objectivity meant that when prospects wavered during the pandemic, our capacity as a company to innovate and continue inventing industry-first solutions were banked, ensuring we were ready to take advantage of new opportunities in 2021 and into 2022.

Amie paves the way for the professional and personal growth of women in tech through her expression of vulnerability, honesty, and authenticity. Despite owning ambitious financial objectives, Amie’s work is also anchored by social responsibility: “We don’t just report financially, we consider a myriad of other metrics including environmental and community impact, and how we’re helping tell the First Nations stories that need to be told through pro bono work.”

More recently, Amie graced the cover of CPA Australia’s In The Black magazine. Read the fantastic feature article and video interview, filmed at Mona last month.

Cassandra Cox, Visual Designer

Designers at Art Processors meet for a video call.

Cassandra Cox (right) pictured with (L to R) Junior Exhibition Designer Vanda Nemeth and Design Director Ed Blake.

Cassandra’s shortlisting as a finalist in the Awards’ Design category recognises her ability to work together with our engineers, project managers, sales and clients to make things beautiful, functional and frictionless.

She’s our Visual Designer—highly valued by our Design team and client institutions, and an in-demand talent and collaborator at Art Processors. Cassandra’s technical acumen is broad and ever-growing, but where she truly shines is in her ability to communicate complex messaging through intuitive design, unrestricted by medium—and make the process for everyone involved feel effortless.

For Cassandra, 2021 was all about augmenting physical spaces with digital enhancements. The application of her finely-tuned design thinking when it comes to activating spaces undoubtedly leveled up our offering, no more evident than in her contributions to Decoded: 75 Years of the Australian Signals Directorate at the National Museum of Australia, and her work on the user interface design for the Art Gallery of NSW’s Matisse: Life & Spirit app. 

Cassandra’s intimate knowledge of how people respond to design enables her to detach herself from own preferences and proclivities, and “remove the bells and whistles” that many designers hold on to. Democratising the museum experience is core to her mission at Art Processors, using design as a vehicle for visitor interpretation, rather than design for design's sake.

Rachael Jayne, Lead Android Developer

Art Processors Lead Android Developer Rachael Jayne.

Rachael pictured in our Melbourne headquarters.

Rachael is a finalist in the Awards’ Engineering category, recognising her curiosity, business understanding, passion, innovation, intuition and technical acumen.

Her work has been used by tens of thousands of visitors to leading museums across Australia, most recently at the Art Gallery of NSW. Her work was critical to the successful deployment of the Matisse: Life & Spirit app.

Rachael’s genuine conviction in encouraging more people to visit museums and cultural attractions is realised through her solving of complex logic problems that create intuitive user experiences, allowing our technology to be as invisible as possible for minimal distraction and maximum immersion.

When Rachael joined Art Processors in 2020, she was tasked with helping to develop a greenfield product that’s entirely new to our industry (more on this soon as we get closer to launch). Last year was a significant year career-wise for Rachael, who architected, built and led her team in developing multiple libraries that provide capabilities for an Android app to plug into our platform. Rachael’s logical planning produced extensible and maintainable deliverables that hit the brief, and solved problems that likely don’t exist yet. 

A country girl at heart, she’s now looking to push herself outside of her coding comfort zone with plans underway to visit rural schools so she can educate young girls about the opportunities available to them in tech.

Acknowledgement of Country

In the spirit of reconciliation, we acknowledge the many Traditional Custodians of Country throughout Australia and honour Elders past, present and emerging. We respect their deep, enduring connection to their lands, waterways and surrounding clan groups since time immemorial. We cherish the richness of First Nations Peoples’ artistic and cultural expressions.