US & AUS projects honoured with 5 Muse Creative Awards

Melbourne Holocaust Museum, Hiding, Image by Mel Desa

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Art Processors is celebrating five Gold Muse Creative Awards for our ‘Experiential and Immersive’ designs in both the US and Australia. 

These global awards honour excellence and innovation in creative design — celebrating inspiring projects that set new industry benchmarks. 

Among our Gold award-winning projects was A Beautiful Disruption: Experiencing the Bloch Galleries. Our design for this Kansas City project transformed the museum’s Impressionist collection into a walk-through theatrical event. 

Meanwhile, in Australia, four Art Processors projects took home Gold Awards. Two Sydney-based experiential designs for the Museums of History NSW—including The People’s House: Sydney Opera House at 50 and ‘Maestro’ Interactive Experience—were both honoured. 
Further south, in Melbourne, Pentridge Prison Tours and Hidden: Seven Children Saved round out the Gold quintet of awards. 

Art Processors’ Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder Tony Holzner described the five Gold Muse Creative Awards as affirming the studio’s ability to conceive and deliver world-leading experiences. 

“We are delighted to be honoured by the Muse Creative Awards’ jury for such a diverse range of projects,” Tony said. “These accolades showcase Art Processors’ capacity to share historically significant stories in innovative ways that capture worldwide audiences.”

We also wish to extend our thanks and congratulations to our partners and collaborators on each of these award-winning projects. 

Learn more about the winning projects below. 

'A Beautiful Disruption,' Gold MUSE Winner

(US) A Beautiful Disruption: Experiencing the Bloch Galleries
Muse Creative Gold Award — Experiential & Immersive design category

Here, we worked with The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art to transform the museum’s Impressionist collection into a walk-through theatrical event. 

The result is an innovative experience that empowers visitors to engage more deeply with the artwork and artists. 

Our design is focussed on ‘shared experiences’. By eliminating headphones and mobile devices, we’ve encouraged more interaction — whereby visitors are invited to engage in discussion, pose for pictures, listen and react together. 

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The People's House, Gold MUSE Winner

(AUS) The People’s House: Sydney Opera House at 50
Muse Creative Gold Award — Experiential & Immersive design category

In collaboration with Museums of History NSW, Art Processors delivered the creative concept for the exhibition, assisting with curation, producing audio interviews and devising interactives that create space for play, experimentation and delight.

This design celebrates the everyday people who have turned the Sydney Opera House into one of Australia’s iconic landmarks.

To help bring to life the project’s four interactive installations, our design team included creative technologists, front and back-end engineers, data engineers, sound designers, digital artists and content creators. 

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Maestro Interactive Experience, Gold MUSE Winner

(AUS) ‘Maestro’ Interactive Experience
Muse Creative Gold Award — Experiential & Immersive design category

Part of the award-winning project outlined above, ‘Maestro’ is an interactive installation that gives visitors a unique opportunity to step into the shoes of a conductor. 

This immersive experience is not just about observing: It’s about actively participating and influencing a generative soundscape and visual display with one’s own movements (i.e., deliberate gestures or spontaneous dances).

Here, motion-capture technology allows the visitor to transform from a ‘passive’ observer to an ‘active’ performer, blurring the lines between the audience and the artist. 

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Pentridge Prison Tours, Gold MUSE Winner

(AUS) Pentridge Prison Tours
Muse Creative Gold Award — Experiential & Immersive design category

Together with the National Trust of Australia (Victoria), we’ve taken a site with a troubled past and breathed new life into it — drawing attention to its heritage and preserving it for future generations.

Our design uses location-aware immersive technology to share Pentridge's stories and voices through authentic set-dressed cells, life-size projections, historical artefacts, and photographs.

Two location-aware audio journeys were created: ‘B-Division: Pentridge Through Time’ and ‘H-Division: Unlocked’. Here, Art Processors put the people of the prison at the core of the experience, bringing their unheard voices to life. 

The design is based on thorough research and nuanced storytelling. In addition to consulting historical records, we also interviewed former inmates, their families and correctional officers. 

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'Hidden: Seven Children Saved', Melbourne Holocause Museum, Gold MUSE Winner

(AUS) Hidden: Seven Children Saved
Muse Creative Gold Award — Experiential & Immersive design category

This permanent exhibition at the Melbourne Holocaust Museum offers a poignant exploration of the Holocaust for 11 to 14-year olds.  

This work shares the story of seven children who spent World War II in hiding and later relocated to Melbourne. 

Utilising first-person storytelling and hands-on exploration, young visitors are guided through complex themes of prejudice and loss, hinging on acts of kindness as the north star, imparting universal lessons in empathy, compassion and courage to bridge historical events with modern life.

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Acknowledgement of Country

In the spirit of reconciliation, we acknowledge the many Traditional Custodians of Country throughout Australia and honour Elders past, present and emerging. We respect their deep, enduring connection to their lands, waterways and surrounding clan groups since time immemorial. We cherish the richness of First Nations Peoples’ artistic and cultural expressions.