Collaboration: The first step for every step of the process.

The most important aspect of our entire process is collaboration with you, our partner institution. We’re the experts in what we do, but you’re the experts in your institution—its goals, its challenges, and its visitors. Maintaining a collaborative process is key to achieving the best possible outcome for your institution and your patrons.


Discovery: Getting to know you.

First things first: what do you want to accomplish together? What are your institution’s goals for enhancing the visitor experience and increasing visitor engagement? Before any other task is undertaken, we immerse ourselves into the wealth of institutional knowledge and experience within your organization. We do this by conducting interviews with staff and reading all relevant documentation, such as visitor studies and organization goals. Then, we interview visitors to properly assess the guest experience and address issues they would like to see resolved.


Requirements: Understanding your technical and functional needs.

Once we understand what we want to accomplish, we must understand the technical requirements for your space and structure, as well as the functionality that needs to be included. Our work seamlessly blends elements of creativity and technology to create your desired user experience, with a specific focus on mobile-based, onsite environments.

Whether it’s a robust app experience with deep user interaction, a hyper-locative audio tour for a “screen-free” experience, or a temporally synchronized group audio encounters, our solutions are always designed to satisfy both visitor and institutional expectations; to work reliably and consistently for your guests; to be delivered within budget and on schedule; and to minimize risk and staff burden, while maximizing user enjoyment.


Creating the magic: Design, development, and testing.

Now comes the fun part: watching your new guest experience begin to take shape. First, we begin with user interface and experience wireframes, or the basic “skeletons” of your final product. Later, these skeletons will be wrapped in the visual elements to match your institution’s desired “look and feel.”

As part of our collaborative design process, we use tools that allow us to quickly offer mockups to our partner institutions, as well as to members of your target audience when possible. As design and development progress, we continually integrate changes and updates based on client and user feedback. This entire process is overseen by our technical architect, who will manage time and expectations for any new or potentially risky design elements requested.

Once we have completed the initial phases of design and front- and back-end development, testing begins. First we continuously test offsite, moving to onsite testing as the project’s launch approaches. We exhaustively test all technical and functional aspects of the project, making sure the entire experience is seamless, reliable, and consistent. One of the finer points of testing is ensuring that the app’s launch and startup is as slick and quick as possible, so that the user’s initial impression of your app is intuitive, easy, and enjoyable.

In addition to our own dedicated team of testers, we also encourage pre-launch onsite testing with select visitors and any staff members who will be interacting with the public and helping to manage the experience after launch.

Getting real: Deployment, maintenance, and monitoring.

Once the mobile experience passes approval for public launch, deployment can begin. In addition to launching applications in public app stores, Art Processors also has significant experience deploying onto client-owned devices. We can manage the deployment of the application and offer hardware solutions for charging and maintaining your devices through protective cases and charging bays. These solutions have been tried and tested at a number of partner institutions and can reduce risks associated with rollout and ongoing device management.

With each installation being unique, we collaborate with our partner institution to find the solution that best fits with visitor traffic, staff understanding, and team size. With applications in the hands of the public, maintenance and monitoring become primary tools for keeping the experience running as smoothly as possible. Art Processors continually monitors all relevant features of the application platform, both front and back-end, to make sure everything is working optimally.

Relationship: Ongoing support and maintenance.

Technology is constantly evolving, and as part of the collaborative environment that Art Processors delivers, we seek to foster relationships with our clients that continue to evolve their visitor experiences for years to come.