If These Walls Could Talk

State Library of New South Wales

Curio Exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW

How can a mobile app connect visitors to the hidden treasures and little-known stories contained within the walls of the State Library of New South Wales?

The Library commissioned Art Processors to develop an interactive mobile application that visitors could use on their smartphones to access facts and stories about the extraordinary objects held within the Library's oldest building, the 106-year-old Mitchell Library.



The Library wanted to develop a smartphone application to increase its public reach and visitor engagement. Art Processors was brought on as the digital strategists to create and implement this project. Our task was to develop a mobile application that offered visitors access to information in and about the Library's oldest building, the 106-year-old Mitchell Library.


Art Processors led a research consortium consisting of the Library, Samsung Electronics and HP. The latter two groups were responsible for providing hardware and offering specialist technical assistance for the project. We conducted a study with Library staff and visitors to look at ways the visitor could connect further with the Library's collection and history by using a mobile application. The research informed the development of the Curio app and its interactive content.


Drawing upon our location-based technologies developed for the Museum of Old and New Art (Mona), we provided a technological solution that delivered rich interpretive materials about the building and collection, all without the use of traditional printed signage or permanent structural changes to the heritage-listed building. The Curio app’s location-based audio guide ensured interesting facts, surprising stories and multimedia content about nearby objects and architectural features were made instantly available to visitors.