Immersive by Nature

Visitor looking through glass to attractions at the Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo's overarching vision is to "be the world's leading zoo-based conservation organisation," and it sees broadening its appeal as an essential way of achieving its mission.

Art Processors were engaged to create a tour audio guide for the 'I, Animal' project as part of an initiative to attract more young adults without children to visit. The Zoo wanted to explore a mobile application and audio guide as key elements of appeal to this target demographic.

Art Processors partnered with the Zoo and Adelaide-based theatre company The Border Project to create a unique, theatrical and interactive audio tour designed for groups of up to 200. Visitors picked one of four different "star animal" pathways through the Zoo for the nightly tours.

Ultimately, the conservation message had to hit the target audience and encourage ongoing engagement with the Zoo's outreach program beyond the exit gate.