Japan Supernatural immersive audio guide

Art Gallery of New South Wales

AGNSW Japan Supernatural, women with audio guide walking down corridor

The Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW) exhibition Japan Supernatural featured over 180 wildly imaginative works by some of the most significant Japanese artists of the past and present, taking audiences deep into an underworld of folklore, literature, theatre and art.

Art Processors created a location-aware audio guide that combined original music, narration and sound design to immerse visitors in Japan Supernatural’s universe of demons, ghosts, witches and spirits.


The AGNSW commissioned Art Processors to create an interpretive audio experience that would be culturally attuned to the exhibition with specific soundscapes for different gallery spaces. It had to be seamless and accessible, making it easy for visitors to keep their eyes on the artworks.


We worked closely with AGNSW curatorial and digital staff to explore their creative and technical requirements. We then assembled an ensemble of musicians to compose and record music attuned to the exhibition’s themes and moods that we layered with curatorial narrations and ambient soundscapes. The immersive, multi-layered audio guide was delivered to visitor headphones and mobile devices using our location-aware technology.


Art Processors produced an immersive audio guide that would give visitors an evocative sound art experience. Location-aware Bluetooth technology enabled audiences to move throughout the exhibition at their own pace, the haunting tunes, shapeshifting sonics and expert narration shifting seamlessly with them. We kept the user experience clean and uncluttered, allowing audiences to lose themselves in the art.

55,000 Times visitors listened to the audio experience
1,295 Sessions recorded during opening weekend
62 minutes Visitors spent on average listening to the audio experience