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Last updated: 3 October, 2023

Representation matters. To create the world's most memorable and meaningful cultural destinations, we track representation across our organisation because we know that diversity helps us build better teams, and better represent our global partners.

We're committed to building a workforce that's as diverse as the communities we serve. That's why we regularly report our DEI metrics, compiling data collected from our internal people system. We are incredibly appreciative of our team's willingness to disclose information about themselves so that we can learn where we have made improvements and understand where we need to do better.

Currently, 95.2% of our people have volunteered their information, so it's important to note that the data below is not wholly representative of our global team. We continue to strive for a full picture of our workforce.

While numbers can of course only tell part of the story, they are an important part of keeping us accountable. Our journey in diversity and inclusion is ever-evolving, and our commitment to increasing our understanding and efforts is not a target or checklist to be ticked but an ongoing education piece for us as a business and as individuals.


Racial & Ethnic Diversity

A graph showing the racial and ethnic diversity breakdown at Art Processors.


Our team comprises talented individuals who are spread across Australia and the United States and self-identify as the above ethnicities. 

To ensure as many people on our team could feel represented in our race and ethnicity breakdown, we provided the option to select all options that apply, not just choose one category.

How we're taking action:

  • We partner with a range of recruiting platforms to ensure we are reaching talented individuals from all walks of life when we advertise new roles. In addition to LinkedIn, we advertise roles on PowerToFly, Women Who Code, Blacks in Technology, and People of Color in Tech (POCIT).
  • We proudly partner with CareerTrackers, an organisation that supports the self-determination of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and professionals to achieve their full potential. CareerTrackers has connected us with several interns, including one who recently joined our Exhibition team in a permanent role.

Chart values

European: 13.5% / Southeast Asian: 4.49% / East Asian: 6.8% / South Asian: 1.1% / First Nations (Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander): 1.1% / African: 1.1% / Hispanic/Latinx: 3.27% / Israeli: 1.1% / Native American/Alaskan Native: 1.1% / Caucasian: 60.7%


Cultural Diversity

A map of the world with dots indicating where Art Processors people and projects are based.


Our multicultural team represents every continent except Antarctica; it sparks fresh ideas and innovative thinking, thanks to the diverse perspectives it brings, and encourages a broader understanding of different cultural practices and traditions. 

Again, to ensure as many people on our team could feel represented in our cultural breakdown, we provided the option to select all options that apply.

How we're taking action:

  • We offer flexible public holidays so team members can take time off on days that align with their values or dates of significant in their culture. For example, a team member in Australia may choose to work on their state's Labour Day and instead take a day off for Eid, Passover or Diwali. In the United States, a team might may choose to swap Indigenous Peoples' Day (Columbus Day) for Yom Kippur or International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia.

Chart values

American / Australian / Australian Aboriginal / British / Canadian / Central Asian / Chinese Asian / Eastern European / French / Irish / Jewish / Mainland South-East Asian / Middle Eastern / New Zealander / Northern European / Other / Other North African / Other North American / South American / South Eastern European / Southern and East African / Southern European / Western European



A list of various languages written in English and in native languages.


Conversations about DEI and belonging in the workplace often overlook the importance of language, accents, and employees for whom English is a second language. We believe our workplace culture is all the more richer for embracing a team that speaks a variety of languages. It also means we are better equipped to engage with our global partners, with language and culture playing a significant role in fostering understanding and collaboration.

Again, to ensure as many people on our team could feel represented in our language breakdown, we provided the option to select all options that apply.

Chart values

German / Hungarian / English / Scandinavian / Hebrew / Korean / Tagalog (including Filipino) / American Languages / French (including Cajun) / Other Eastern European Languages / Japanese / Spanish / Iberian Romance / Other Southeast Asian Languages / Chinese / Dutch and Related Languages / African Languages



The Art Processors logos surrounded by a half-moon list of different beliefs.


Our team comprises individuals with diverse religious beliefs, supporting a workplace culture that promotes tolerance, empathy and respect, while illuminating diverse religious practices and traditions. 

Again, to ensure as many people on our team could feel represented in our belief breakdown, we provided the option to select all options that apply.

Chart values

Anglican / Baptist / Buddhism / Catholic / Other Spiritual Beliefs / Hinduism / Islam / Judaism / Secular Beliefs / Miscellaneous Religions / No religion / Other Christian / Presbyterian and Reformed



A graph showing the age breakdown of Art Processors team members.


Our team skews towards the 36-45 age group with an average age of 41, which makes sense – many of our people are subject matter experts who have had more time to develop their careers, skills and experience. We welcome people of all ages, recognising that age-diverse teams bring together people with complementary abilities, skills, experience, and networks.

How we're taking action:

  • We offer many different types of paid leave to support our people across all life stages, including study leave, parental leave, menopause leave, and grandparents leave.
  • Currently, a key focus for our People & Culture team is finding innovative ways to support those going through menopause.
  • We take an agnostic approach to designing our benefits, focusing on how we can support everyone on our team. For example, parental leave policies are typically loaded with benefits to support work-life balance, despite the fact people from all walks of life, irrespective of age of family status, might benefit from additional support. That's why we offer benefits like free meal delivery, cleaning, and life leave to all our team members.

Chart values

18-26: 1.92% / 27-35: 28.85% / 36-45: 47.12% / 46-55: 16.35% / 56-64: 4.18% / Over 65: 0.96%


Women & Non-Binary

A graph showing a breakdown of female, male and gender diverse people at Art Processors, and non-male executives


We understand that identity is complex and people are multi-faceted. Gender isn't binary, but unique to our individual identities. The above may not reflect the biological sex assigned at birth and may include transgender employees.

How we're taking action

  • We have been consistently progressive when it comes to our parental leave commitments, offering flexible, gender-neutral, label-free policies and return-to-work support for our people. We believe that parental leave policies that provide support for both parents can help close the gap on the financial disadvantage that women in particular experience when going on parental leave.
  • Project F has helped guide our work in improving gender equity in our tech team. We've completed Project F's accreditation, which provided a tailored roadmap for investing in and cultivating female talent.
  • We're a proud supporter of the Vic ICT for Women's Grad Girls program and Go Girl, Go For IT conference, both initiatives supporting the entry and progression of women into ESTEAM careers.

Chart values

Female: 53% / Male: 44% / Agender: 1% / Genderfluid: 1% / Non-binary: 1%


LGBTQ+ Identity

Chart values include Bisexual / Gay / Queer / Lesbian / Trans and Gender Diverse / Heterosexual


At Art Processors, we are committed to enabling everyone on our team to fully and authentically express themselves, and strive to foster a workplace culture where everyone feels supported and accepted.

How we're taking action

  • One of our longest-running People & Culture initiatives, we partner with Pride in Diversity, a not-for-profit employer support program that has supported us in inclusive policy writing, recruitment training, LGBTQ+ workplace inclusion, and allyship. In the United States, we also support PFlag.
  • Our partnership with Pride in Diversity has led to many important initiatives to support our LGBTQ+  people, including gender neutral bathroom signage and our Gender Affirmation Policy, which provides up to 20 days paid leave for those who are transitioning, and an allowance to help cover some of the financial burden.
  • We partnered with Pride in Diversity in May to provide an in-house workshop on "how to be a LGBTQ+ ally.'
  • We are constantly exploring new ways to support our LGBTQ+ team members via inclusive, forward-thinking policies and benefits, and through ongoing cultural awareness about the LGBTQ+ community, open dialogue and training, such as our recent allyship workshop.
  • We recently donated to Human Rights Campaign to support their work fighting for LGBTQ+ equality and inclusion in the United States, where they've declared a 'State of Emergency' for LGBTQ+ Americans.

Chart values

Bisexual / Gay / Queer / Lesbian / Trans and Gender Diverse / Heterosexual


Parents and Caregivers

Various black shapes showing the parent and caregiven breakdown at Art Processors, set against a teal background.


More than a third of the individuals on our team are caregivers – of children, adults, or both. We recognise the pressures families and caregivers face when trying to balance work and caring responsibilities, and we're always looking for new and innovative ways to support our people so they can be their best at work and at home.

How we're taking action

  • We partnered with Circle In in May to provide an in-house workshop on 'Strengthening your career as a caregiver.'
  • Our team has full access to Circle In, an employee platform that provides on-demand access to expert advice for parents and caregiving employees and their managers at every life stage.
  • Art Processors was one of the first companies in Australia to be certified as a family-inclusive employer by Family Friendly Workplaces, a joint initiative between Parents At Work and UNICEF Australia. Learn more.
  • We expanded our Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy to include family wellbeing with the aim of reducing the tension that can exist between work and family goals. Everyone on our team is encouraged to be mindful of family wellbeing when making work-related requests, such as scheduling meetings that may conflict with school drop-off and pick-up times.
  • Acknowledging the integral role grandparents so often play as carers, we offer Grandparents Leave, enabling the grandparents on our team to take up to 5 paid days of paid leave to support their family after the birth of a grandchild.
  • We expanded our Support for Carers Policy to include support for eldercare and Aboriginal kinship, ensuring team members with these types of caring responsibilities can access emergency respite care, back-up carers leave and/or support groups.

Chart values

Parents or legal guardians: 45.65% / Care for someone other than their child: 3.26% / Single parent: 6.52%



A beige hexagon containing the text '9.52% of our people identify as neurodiverse' set against a red check background.


Our team comprises some people who identify as neurodiverse. We welcome neurodiverse individuals at Art Processors, recognising they may bring different perspectives, talents and experiences.

How we're taking action

  • We provide neurodiversity training annually to boost wellbeing and collaboration through neuroinclusion.
  • We’re committed to supporting our people who identify as neurodiverse with tailored support and accommodations to meet individualised working preferences. For example, additional processing time for tasks, scheduling additional breaks, access to tools and software to help with time management, flexible ways of working, and extra equipment such as headphones.

Chart value

9% of our people identify as neurodiverse



A black box containing a breakdown of disability stats at Art Processors, together with a list of types of disability types in white rounded rectables, set againt a beige check background.


A quarter of our team members have a disability. We welcome individuals of all disability statuses at Art Processors.

How we're taking action

  • We offer a free and confidential Employee Assistance Program in both the USA and Australia, which provides support to team members who are experiencing stress at work, at home, depression, anxiety, or other mental health-related challenges.
  • We provide Mental Health First Aid training to all our people leads, equipping them with the knowledge and confidence to recognise, connect and respond to team members who might be experiencing a mental health problem or crisis
  • We provide Psychological Safety training.
  • Beyond our team, we strive to ensure the experiences we create are inclusive. Read more: How accessible technology can improve the museum experience for people with disabilities.

Chart values

2.25% of our people have a disability


Military & Veterans

Chart value: 1% of our people are veterans


Like many organisations, hiring and retaining active members or veterans of the military is an ongoing goal.

Chart value

1% of our people are veterans

Acknowledgement of Country

In the spirit of reconciliation, we acknowledge the many Traditional Custodians of Country throughout Australia and honour Elders past, present and emerging. We respect their deep, enduring connection to their lands, waterways and surrounding clan groups since time immemorial. We cherish the richness of First Nations Peoples’ artistic and cultural expressions.